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Shareholder/Partnership Agreements and Dispute Resolution

Atlanta, Georgia, Business Law Attorney Drafting and Dissolving Partnership Agreements

Many of our clients do not enter the entrepreneurial world alone. They have various partners and investors who will be sharing both the start-up costs and eventual profits of the new business. Making certain that any shareholder agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement thoroughly outlines each party’s responsibilities and stake in the business is of the utmost importance.

Atlanta area attorney Price S. Williams, Jr. puts more than 25 years of business law experience into drafting shareholder and partnership agreements that protect the interests of all parties. He will take the time to understand your specific goals and create detail-oriented documents that meet your exact needs. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Drafting Agreements to Fit Your Specific Needs

Shareholder and partnership agreements can take many different forms. We are fully prepared to assist you with your contractual needs regarding:

Shareholder/Partnership Agreements and Dispute Resolution

Business people live in the real world. They understand that disputes can arise, relationships change, and that partnership agreements may need to be modified or dissolved. They also understand that a prolonged legal battle can cost all parties significant time and money. They therefore appreciate the inherent value of dispute resolution.

Whenever possible, we work to reach an amicable solution to your disagreement, often utilizing alternative dispute resolution. When necessary, we can assist you in drafting a partnership dissolution agreement appropriate to the situation and your business’s well-being. No matter the situation, we will advocate for your position and work to devise a solution that protects your interests.

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