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Taking the time to create a comprehensive estate plan can ensure that your intentions are legally sound and secure, can avoid or reduce tax liabilities, can prevent future disputes, and can protect your assets and investments. Price S. Williams Jr. has extensive experience in estate planning and will take the time to explore all of your options and alternatives to create a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your estate and needs.

Our estate planning practice includes all of the following:

Wills, trusts, and estate planning
We are experienced in the creation of Wills and trusts and will devise an appropriate estate plan to suit your needs. Depending on your objectives, we can help you devise a creative and suitable way to withhold, administer, or dispose of your property in a Will or a trust. We are experienced in special needs trusts, charitable trusts, and revocable trusts, and other available estate planning tools.

Business succession planning
In business succession we will assess your business and make the legal arrangements for what will happen after you retire or pass away. Business succession planning may include buy-sell agreements, or a method to buy out a partner or shareholder so that others can keep the business in operation. We are also experienced in family business succession planning that allows the business to pass to other family members, while maximizing the reduction in gift or estate taxes. We will take the time to explore all of your rights, options, and alternatives in business succession planning.

Estate tax planning and liability
We are experienced in utilizing Wills and trusts and other available estate planning tools to reduce estate and gift taxes. We analyze your estate, determine your desired distribution of your estate and explore the available options to minimize tax liability on your estate.

Asset protection and insurance
In any comprehensive estate plan, we are always interested in asset protection. We can help you protect your assets from creditors and create an appropriate estate plan that prevents or reduces tax liability. We can also help you obtain insurance that will cover future liabilities you may have. Contact us for more information about asset protection and insurance.

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