Probate & Estate Administration

Atlanta, Georgia, Probate and Estate Administration Attorney

Probate and estate administration are the legal processes to marshal the assets, pay the debts, comply with tax laws, distribute the assets including the possible establishment of one or more trusts, and generally manage the affairs of an estate after death. Price S. Williams Jr. has extensive experience in probate and estate administration.

Price S. Williams Jr.'s years of legal experience enables him to effectively handle any probate or estate administration matter, including:

Estate administration
We are experienced in all aspects of estate administration, including the distribution of property, establishment of trusts, estate tax, probate court proceedings, payment of debts. We act as a legal advisor to a personal representative of an estate to ensure compliance with the law and with the intentions set forth in a Will.

If there is no Will or if no personal representative is appointed in the Will, there is a process to petition the probate court to have a personal representative appointed. A personal representative is responsible for marshalling assets, paying debts, and distributing the remaining assets.

Out of state representatives
We are experienced in working with personal representatives and other interested parties in settling estates in Georgia of decedents who lived out of state. If you are handling an estate in Georgia, or need to consult with an in-state attorney, contact Price S. Williams Jr. We can also assist you if you live in Georgia and own property in another state or if you are interested in estate planning and have out of state assets or investments.

Probate is the court process that addresses the probate of Wills, the distribution of an estate and any disputes that may arise. We are experienced in representing clients in the probate process and will effectively assert your rights and protect your financial interests and those of the estate.

Trust administration
An existing trust that survives the death of the grantor or the establishment of a trust under a Will must be administered or established at the time of death. We are experienced in representing trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and others vested in the administration of a trust. Whether you are a trustee, a successor trustee or a beneficiary and need legal counsel, or you need representation in a dispute regarding trust administration, we have the experience needed to provide the representation needed.

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